What are you scared of?

Isn’t it funny how a lot can really happen in a year? I was just talking to hubby the other day and after a while it occurred to me that a year ago we were honeymooning. By the way, I advise every couple to just have that get away time if possible, it does not have to be anywhere expensive, whatever is within your budget, it could even be in your home country, but take that time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy each other. Anyway, back to our honeymoon, by this time last year we were at the 3rd leg of our honeymoon in the beautiful land of Mauritius.

Mauritius was for uninterrupted relaxation. It was basically a retreat for us, we spent so much time talking, getting “to know” each other more and most importantly praying into our future. It was during this time of spending time with God together that God further gave us blueprints for our marriage, even how to raise our children, our purposes etc. We had always known that the purpose for our union was bigger than us and God kept giving us blueprints on how to live out this purpose every time we sought Him. I tell you if you seek God, you will find Him.

We would sit back and discuss all these things that were coming to our spirit, and as the secretary of the house LOL I wrote it all down (I always do, please make that a habit too). As we talked, things even became that much clearer (the beauty of oneness). We got insights into marriage that were mind blowing, things we never read anywhere else. We will then map out how to go about these things, thanks to the mainest guy the Holy Spirit. He’s our companion, our best buddy. He is the greatest gift to believers.

So, talking to hubby few days ago made me realise that pretty much everything that God said concerning our union and who He has called us to be really started manifesting last year. One of our major mandates from God as a couple is “restoring Marriages to Gods original intent”. It seemed like a tall order at the time but we soon started to see it happen. We are so passionate about marriages working and we know, that kind of passion could only be from God because of the assignment He has given us. We knew that we would have to set a godly example and through Gods Grace we have been doing just that (if I do say so myself) and that alone has been an inspiration for many.


We also realised that in order to achieve this, we needed to be deeply planted in the word of God and walk in great faith. One of the many scriptures that the Holy Spirit gave us was John 7:38: “To the one who believes in Me, it is just as the Scripture has said: ‘Streams of living water will flow from within him.” What that meant for us was that the more planted in the Christ we are, believing in His word and living by the Spirit, the more of the word we will have flow in and through us and thus we become a pipeline from which people can drink and have the God kind of life in all areas including their marriages.

It wasn’t long after that I saw myself counselling people on their marriages, relationships and any other issues they may have. Anyway, at first a part of me felt how could all these things be? Have I been married before? We are not even married long enough? Are we experienced enough? I have learnt, that although experience is great when it comes to marriages, Gods Word is much greater! Thus, it’s not by being experienced but by being yielded to Gods word. I can’t count how many times “experienced folks” have come with “experienced advise” and I had to shut it out because it wasn’t in line with the word of God (part of the reason for unsuccessful relationships today-ungodly counsel). Even when I would be worried about what to say, Luke 21:15 has been my experience; For I will give you words and wisdom that none of your adversaries will be able to resist or contradict”. I saw this manifest greatly. What I know is that the minute your feet steps into your purpose, all things begin to work together.

Oh my faith increased. I mean the opportunities kept flooding in. We weren’t even done honeymooning before we started getting calls and we saw ourselves giving counsel back to back on relationships/ marriages, any other issues and sometimes to people much older. God had anointed our lips and words that could only be from Him alone kept pouring out. I just knew it was the power of the Holy Spirit. And nothing has changed, it’s been happening ever since. We always knew our marriage wasn’t just about us, and Gods been proving it.

Whenever I was done I’ll just smile and look at my small self and shake my head. God will ALWAYS remind me that it’s not about me looking the part. It’s about Him “making me” the part 1Samuel 16:7: “…The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” God knows what He sees. I mean He’s the alpha and omega. So I just rest in His oganess!!

As months went by I remember even struggling to put speaker/counsellor in my bio on my social media accounts. I was like but I don’t have a certificate and God would tell me that “I certified you” and that is who He has called me to be and He has made me function in that capacity. That being said I don’t want to limit myself so we are working on getting certified but God qualified us before any paper could possibly think of doing so. This has been the experience for both hubby and me; Gods been doing what He does best through us and mind blown doesn’t even begin to express how we feel.


I post this to tell those who may have received a message from God. Whatever God has said to you, and you know it’s God…run with it! Don’t be timid; don’t be shy (as a child of God being shy is a contradiction). It’s not cute to be timid. Don’t think you’re too small; God doesn’t need your size to use you. He needs your heart! Once your heart says yes “I’m ready lord”, He brings opportunities your way. See David, David knew who he was, size was the last thing on his mind. He affirmed his position in God and stepped out in faith to demolish Goliath. Be bold and courageous! Let Faith be your driving force! You mustn’t see how it’ll all come together. You just need to see (in the spirit) the end result is VICTORY.

Don’t shrink yourself, I’m guilty of that sometimes (let me stay in my comfort zone so that I won’t be labelled ITK or make anyone uncomfortable) and God probably just looks at me and removes His face, like when you’re ready let me know or give me a kick (yes God gives me kicks)…that’s if someone else hasn’t even gone ahead to do what He wanted me to do in the first place. Moral of the story is, we should always surrender in obedience to Gods instructions.
This is not about having your own visions and plans that sound good but have nothing to do with God. Your motivation must be God because that’s the only way to produce Godly result. We know that God will only approve what He has authorized. So I admonish you, get up! If God has asked you to do something step out in faith, He will guide you through the way and reward your obedience. He cannot forsake you. Rest your mind. Spend time with God, Write down His instructions, Write out plans on how to get it going and Move with it in faith.

There’s nothing you can’t do through faith. Just align yourself to Gods word and you will produce faith filled fruits. Are you scared? Of what exactly? You didn’t call yourself, He called you! It’s not your ability or your expertise so no pressure! He’s doing all the major work, all we do is align and follow His leading. Whatever it is, just move! Stop delaying! Souls are waiting for you and God is depending on you. Its not just about you. Don’t let Him down.


If you need someone to talk to or share any concerns with regarding this post, you can buzz me even if it’s completely unrelated, God gatchu and I do too.

email: kfadetiba@gmail.com

God bless you and may 2017 be our year of living purposefully!


6 thoughts on “What are you scared of?

  1. This message spoke to me personally, thanks dear. May your spring never run dry. You are such a blessing dear. Your heavenly Father must be so proud of you. God loves you always and forever. Remain a blessing dear. Love you .


  2. It has become sympathetic and unfortunate, how we stall so long that we let the our potential for Life’s purpose turn rusty in our very own hands… For this article say thank you!
    If the youngsters of this times will stand-up to their manifold Heavenly calls and stop hiding under the self destructive excuse of “Not old enough or not experienced enough”, the world will be driven strongly in God’s will. The saying; “There is nothing you want to do, that has not been done before” I agree but sometimes your call has never been done before so from whence comes your experience? Hence the Holy Spirit.

    If you were military, garranteed you will end up a General. I salute your courage!


    1. Well said! Very Well said!! And it’s true that sometimes our callings have never been done before…infact if not all the time because what then makes us individually unique if we are called to do the same thing? Anyway I bless the Holy Spirit that inspired this write up! And I know that young people will begin (if they haven’t even begun already) to walk in their God given purpose. Thank you very much! I appreciate your comment. God bless!


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