The Story Continues: 7 days since ‘I DO’

Well Well Well! It’s Mrs Kemi Fred-Adetiba reporting live from my honeymoon!! It’s been one week since I said ‘I DO’ and I must say it’s been magical! First of all I’d like to say that from inception, nothing about my relationship with my husband has been ‘normal’. Every step has been a purpose walk orchestrated by God and we’ve just been living it out. Like I said, it’s been exactly a week since I said I do and that hasn’t changed at all, I still do! It’s a forever kinda love!

So let me get right to it because I have to get back to the moon ASAP 😉

The purpose of this post is to encourage people who have just gotten married or have been married for a while or in the process of being married to stay focused on the purpose for which God has brought you two together. God does not create anything without having a purpose in mind. Your Marriage is for a purpose.

For example, just as much as babe and I are relaxing, watching movies, making love and all that good stuff, we also spend time praying, TALKING and reminding each other of the purpose of our union, praying towards that, our vision and Godly inspired goals. Nothing will bring you two even more closely than understanding your PURPOSE in God! It is also in this process that we become better and are perfected into Gods image. Remember Adam and Eve, where the rib was taken out of Adam to form Eve, well every wife is that rib that was taken from man even before they were born. The rib is then taken to another family to be given birth to and nurtured. The rib is therefore returned to its original home at marriage. This means that the husband and wife were one even before time. The marriage only helps to reunite them in time. Thus, It is only with your rib that you can fulfill purpose completely and if there’s any reason why people shouldn’t choose the wrong partner, this is it. Perfection of Gods will, can only happen with your soulmate, yes soulmate! Marriage brings about that completion and it is only in your complete state that purpose is accomplished.

The problem is that people get into marriages without this foundation and when they are in, they struggle. I believe that its never too late to go to the drawing board, and talk to your maker, inquire from Him why you are both together and the steps He will have you both take to actualize this purpose. If not, when the butterflies stop flying there will be nothing left. In fact, what started the butterflies in the first place? Our understanding of purpose and our special gift of love from God. So except purpose dies (which wont happen), the sparks will continue to fly between us. I can honestly say that I love my man even more than I did a week ago (never knew that was possible) and I know it’ll keep growing by the grace of God.

So, please people, God designed marriage to be beautiful. Make yours beautiful! 🙂 X76A6435


2 thoughts on “The Story Continues: 7 days since ‘I DO’

  1. His the LORD doing just know that in everything there’s a season God bless you and your husband ijn. Enjoy your marriage


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