Sticks and Stones may break you…Well, So can words!

We live in a world where the opinions of others matter so much to us, especially with social media. It’s a situation where your self worth or self esteem is based on the amount of likes your selfie gets or the number of comments the picture gets. We are usually so fixated in what others think of us and their opinions about our life that we don’t really get to LIVE it.

I was so guilty of that but I would never admit that what someone said about my hair or the way I looked got to me. But the problem with that is for every word or negative opinion someone has of you, those are seeds that are being planted in you that you have no idea about. Because words carry with them a spirit, what happens is that these seeds start growing and ‘blossoming’ into insecurities, low self esteem, depression, lack of self worth etc.

I mean people are stuck in relationships that are unhealthy mentally, physically, spiritually, because they are afraid of what people will say, so they don’t leave. They can’t make good career choices or even be as creative as they can be because of the opinion of others. I mean we allow others tell us whats beautiful, handsome, on baseless standards. You start hearing things like ‘if they can cheat on Eva Longoria, who am I?’ ‘If they can beat Rihanna, who am I?’ Well how about the fact that you are a child of God designed by God specially handcrafted for His great works. To be loved and cherished beyond comprehension. How about that!!! Or that’s not good enough for us?

Someone tweeted the other day about the fact that there’s never good news on TV and I commented and said that the only Good news is the Gospel, the world cant give or create good news for you because the world has NOTHING. We all know you cant give what you dont have. God created everything!!! So we better start looking to God and in Him we’ll begin to see the beauty that He created.

Ok I got a bit passionate there loool, let me continue…

Now theres this popular saying that ‘sticks and stones may break my bones but your words will never hurt me’. Big lie! On what basis will it not hurt? I think we need to be more honest with ourselves, peoples negative words and opinion will hurt you. One of the interesting thing happening to me is that as my relationship with God keeps growing, its becoming hard to keep it to myself, now trust humans…you start hearing things like ‘are you the first?’ ‘please let us hear word’ ‘we that are sinners, lets us see road, holier than thou’ ETC! And for a quick minute just when its about to get to me, God just reminds me of WHO I AM in HIM! And just like that all those thoughts or worries just vanish and don’t have a place in my life. What I have to say to that is that God is accessible to everyone and His love extends to everyone! There’s no need to be envious really (lets face it that’s what it is) because He wants all of us to have a relationship with Him and the truth is once you do, you cannot be silent or private about it. Truth. I wont even go into those that want to tell the world your past and why you are just being a hypocrite. LOL Sorry but ‘the train haff movveee’.

Anyway, that’s essentially what this post is about, don’t be obsessive over peoples opinions of you, the truth is the only way you wont be hurt by it is when you KNOW what the WORD of GOD says about you to you. Words are powerful. They carry seeds and once planted is capable of making you or breaking you, so don’t be deceived. What you need to know however is that Gods word is MORE powerful and has the ability to pierce into your spirit, soul and body (Hebrews 4:12), so even when someone says something that should be hurtful, the word of God is already in there and so those other meaningless words cant stay…basically there’s no space for it. All we have to do is keep hearing Gods word and eating it, lol, so it can do its work in our lives, then the opinions or words of others will have no effect whatsoever.

Like my fellow lawyers know about binding judicial precedent. This is basically a judicial decision that serves as an AUTHORITY for DECIDING a LATER case. It is kind of like based on the principle of STARE DECISIS, which is also an obligation of the courts to respect the precedents established by a prior one. The term is actually from a latin maxim “Stare decisis et non quieta movere” which means to stand by decisions and not disturb the undisturbed. Basically don’t disturb settled matters. You see when the word of God takes Precedent in your life, every other word that comes to you is subject to the authority of that word! The bible says that Gods word is SETTLED (Psalm 119:89). So anyone that tries to say anything contrary is disturbing an already settled matter, and it stands no chance!!!! …The word of God can never be broken (John 10:35) so if people try to break you they cant because Gods word is unshakeable. The word of God should always be your judicial precedent, in deciding any case (words or opinions). Let that be your method of operation and you’ll live a much happier life. It is only then that peoples words wont hurt or break you.

Sometimes we are the ones that say hurtful words to people or have unwanted opinions about them, so ummm yeah this is for us too! Lets be mindful of what comes out of our mouth. It is not what goes into a man that defiles him but what comes out so…be watchful (Matthew 15:11)

So moral of the story is IF you don’t hold on to Gods word, other peoples words will affect you whether you like it or nah.

Ill go deeper into Gods word in another post! God is love … Shalom!


15 thoughts on “Sticks and Stones may break you…Well, So can words!

      1. I’m not very good at all this technical stuff and people keep telling me that they can’t comment on my blog…not sure why :/


      2. Oh. I’m still figuring it all out too but I think you just need to go to your settings and somewhere there you’ll find the magic lol. However, can I get your email to share something with you.

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  1. I recently started reading your blog. I was so active on social media that i am guilty of comparing my life to others and also being harder on myself. This speaks a lot to me because I have drifted from god when I was actively following almost every person i thought was good on twitter. It’s funny because though we may not know those people we follow on twitter, their thoughts heavily influence our thoughts and perceptions.


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