A comfort zone is a beautiful place but nothing ever grows there

comfort zone

I had contemplated starting this blog for the longest time now (as with any idea that first comes to my mind) and I gave myself reasons why it wouldn’t work and the most common one was ‘what if no one reads it?’ You see I had to overcome that fear, step out of the box, and as a matter of fact not even recognize that there is a box so that I can grow. Now, the one thing I was most certain about was that I wanted to share my thoughts and most importantly my truth with people and hey what better way to this than blogging.

Interestingly, not too long ago my very good friend told me she was going to start blogging about her hair journey, hair products etc. and I encouraged her to go ahead with it, as it is such a good idea. So, she started the blog and sent me the link and I proceeded to check it out, you can too (http://growgrowinggrown.blogspot.com/). After reading her blog, might I say she’s fantastic with it, she’s helped my hair progress too (if I do say so myself). I was so impressed and quite frankly gingered (lol), I was inspired to start my own. Of course not about hair…(lol what do I know) but it really motivated me. And suddenly, it dawned on me that I needed to step up and step out. I needed to grow.

Then, I started to think (as usual)…what would my blog really be about?

Usually, a lot of people write because they are inspired by something or someone (well I’d hope so lol), it may be culture, experience, music, books or even people. Basically something should inspire you to write. To be very honest, I have never seen myself as ‘the writer’ more like the ‘thinker’ or ‘talker’ (I talk a good game lol). I do a lot of thinking and analyzing but thank God for blogs. To me it’s like talking or thinking but I’m just putting down what I’m saying or thinking to say. Back to the inspiration bit…

I get inspiration from a lot of things every day, but the most notable would be the Holy Bible. The Bible inspires me tremendously. This is a new development by the way, because initially when I wanted to start blogging, I hadn’t defined what my blog was going to be about or where I was going with it. But then through studying the Bible it started getting clearer to me. Its funny because I remember not too long ago I used to see reading the bible on my own as a chore, in fact reading in general (yeah coming from a lawyer I know but sigh…), but I did. I mean when I’m in church I’d look through the Bible or when I’m going through a daily devotional, I do open the Bible. Don’t get me wrong, I can quote a number of scriptures, most of which I didn’t know what books of the bible they are gotten from but I know the scriptures well enough (I’m sure there are many of us like that…don’t lie lol).

Forward to this New Year 2015, everything became clearer; it came upon me so strong I couldn’t resist it. I was going through a scripture randomly and I was like ‘WOAH’, you mean this is what God means when he says this? So I became really curious, what is God really trying to tell me? In order to know this, I needed to study my bible but that wasn’t even when it hit me. I went to church one faithful day this year and when the Pastor was preaching he said some things from the bible that shook me again. Then the typical ‘WOAH’ came out of my mouth. That whole day I kept thinking to myself how did this man know this? Who told him? You mean he got this from the bible? All these questions boggled my mind, so when I was home I prayed and asked God for such understanding of his word. Then almost immediately the Holy Spirit started working and I started listening to faith filled messages and I WANTED to study the bible from Genesis to Revelation (mind you I had tried before and failed lol because my mindset at the time was wrong).

Now, I really wanted to understand God and what best way to know God than through his Word…(In the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the WORD was GOD – John 1:1). The next day I went to work and asked the Holy Spirit to open my mind to understand and comprehend God’s word, so I started reading (yes at work lol) and I was so mind blown at the truths I began to uncover only from the first few verses of the first chapter of Genesis. Never have I understood the impact of what God did in the creation (I hope to share them soon). I mean I was in my office and my body was shaking because of the revelation. And then I silently uttered ‘WOAH’ again HA! To cut this long story short, I have been studying the word and I love it. In fact I look forward to it everyday.

the turtle

In the course of this, it became even clearer that ‘yes, this is what you will blog about’-The TRUTH (Gods word). When I’m on twitter or I have discussions with people, I realize that a lot of people have the wrong idea or have been told the wrong things about Gods word (I mean we all have). Plus, I know sometimes we find ourselves in situations that seem so tough and we don’t know the way out but in this journey of discovery of truth, we will find out that we are not alone in this, we all go through the same things but the greater news is that there’s always a true way out of it.

I needed a name that will encapsulate this blog in its entirety and thetruthapp is so perfect, perfect doesn’t even begin to describe (lol). Amusingly, I came up with the name with my very good friend (aka my soon to be husband…no I’m not yet engaged). After going through a series of options (crazy crazy funny options) we landed on this and it settled within.

Something important I’d love to share is that God’s word is True, as a matter of fact THE TRUTH. The word Truth originates from an old English word ‘trīewth, trēowth which means ‘faithfulness and constancy’. God’s word is faithful and constant, which also means it is believable and trustworthy. If God is his word that means He is believable and trustworthy. In other words, He is dependable! Thetruthapp actually means what it says; it is a blog about truth and our search for truth. It is basically a blog that discusses and shares the word of God (truth) and explains how we can apply it to the situations we face as Christians and believers of his word, since as explained above, we can be ‘believe’ it and ‘trust’ it. ). So thetruthapp is one of Gods messenger angels, carrying out our heavenly fathers business of delivering truth to as many souls as possible and teaching us practical ways of applying them to our lives.

It is a fun fact but true one that everything we go through in life, or have doubts about has a truth to it in Gods word, we just need to discover it. So, I’m excited to begin this journey in search for the truth with you all and I’m certain we will influence our world positively. More importantly, we will grow together and what’s more amazing than that? Amen! Oh and by the way, I know I’ve used the word truth more times than I can count but I’m sure we get the drift. Hahaha!

So this is me, stepping out (yaaay) and I must admit it feels totally awesome. I mean I’ve made progress and that’s a good feeling. Now there’s room for growth and I am not scared of it (baby leaps not steps lool). I also hope I’ve been able to inspire someone to go out there, step up and step out to do that thing you’ve been holding on from doing or procrastinating (I mean coming from the former CEO of Procrastinating enterprise). So what are you afraid of? You definitely will not lose; I mean you can’t WIN if you don’t PLAY.

ship 3

Please, feel free to ask any questions or give me feedback on any post, or if there are any topics you want us to discuss, feel free to drop me an email and I will definitely look through it and try my best to discuss it. Also remember, we are all learning, so please BE KIND because life’s more beautiful when we are kind to one another (cheesy?).

Like I said, for any confusion, doubt, questions, uncertainties, there’s the truthapp for that!

Welcome to the Truthapp!



  1. So basically I study the word of God, I’m aching for God, I want to feel him within me and learn all his plans for me in his book using it to guide my life and its been working so far, my favorite being Ecclesiastics its amazing like you said and I commend you for what you are after. Yes God said, seek and ye shall find but I wanna say its sometimes not possible without spiritual understanding. I have met people who have said the bible was writen by white people as a scam to decieve, and when i argued that it was inspired by God, they asked for proof of that and i said its written in the bible and they said “u see theres no proof” and I didnt know what else to say. So bringing me to a question amongst others I have accumulated, in Genesis 4 vs 8 to 17, after adam and eve which were the first man and woman had cain and abel and cain killed abel, after which God cursed him, the bible said cain went to another land and married some lady n gave birth. So I wanna ask, if adam, eve and cain were the only people on earth at the time, who did cain marry and were did she come from? Or are some books of the bible missing like some people say? Altho I think u cant explain this I say, we will all find out truth to lead us through life in the bible but some truth like the mystery behind this world, we just may never find till we die. Keep doing what you do because its amazing, what we believe works for us and what we dont, wont. Please do reply maybe with scriptures too. Thank you


    1. I kept reading those chapters and asking myself the same question. I few people have challenged the authenticity but I believe that this it was truncated over time. If you notice on Gen 4 17:26 it gives an account of Cains decendants and there is no mention of who the wives are. Often times when genealogy is done in the bible, the wives and sometimes daughters are ommited. Shem’s decendants Gen 11 10:29 all the wives are ommited until Abram and Nahor. There are several instances where this happened. I hope this has given you a little clarity.


    2. Hello dear, I am so glad to know that there are a number of us who seek God and His word to improve our relationship with Him. I’m also glad that it has been working for you so far and my prayer is that it will continue to work for you and as many of us that are dependent on His word by the grace of God. Like you rightly said, God said we should seek and we shall find and the truth is we need to seek with a sincere heart in order to have spiritual understanding and then the Holy Spirit ministers to us.

      SO after seeing your question, the truth is I had never thought of it that way, infact I just read the book of Genesis recently and I hadn’t noticed that and the reason I hadn’t noticed is because it was not relevant to me at the time. To answer your question, I had to go back to the scripture again to understand as best as I could and I came across some truths. But first, I would need to explain certain things:
      1. Like you said, the Bible was inspired by God to guide us in our walk with Him and so everything that was written and compiled in several books and now published as the Bible, are what we need to edify us as christians and help us live a Godly life today being the new creation. So no I don’t think there are missing books, just stories specifically left out because they are of no importance to us as Christians today because if they had to document everything that happened in those times it wont fit in the Bible. What we have is COMPLETE because thats all we need!

      2. In the creation, we realise that Adam was the first Man created and we are from the lineage of Adam and thats why we need Jesus because of the original sin of man (Adam), So there was not another creation elsewhere at the time except it came from Adam. Which then brings me to my next point…
      3. “They had other children”, but there was a significant mention of Cain and Abel to tell us a story, like God always does (giving our best to God, envy, being our brothers keeper etc). The reason why Cain’s wife wasn’t mentioned was because it would have been obvious that it was his sister and now the world we live in today and how we can easily turn things upside down, will have some people think it is okay to ‘be with’ our siblings e.g. (Jesus turned water to wine so we can drink alcohol to drunkenness, we can smoke weed because God gave us everything on the ground for our consumption, or even how Jesus kissing Mary Magdalene was a french kiss e.t.c), We did not know of her because she was not important and thats just the simple truth. God didn’t want us to lose the message in that passage and God knows it wont edify us as christians nor will it help our faith or walk with God as the new creation (saved by Jesus).
      4. How did I know he had other children? because the Bible says so (Genesis 5:4) but not all were mentioned because it serves no purpose for us today and even the ones mentioned were mentioned to show us something (e.g the genealogy leading to Noah)and you know they lived for many many years back then, so you know Cain would have picked one of his sisters to wife at a point and like ‘Eso’ said wives and daughters were hardly mentioned except if the genealogy was of some importance.

      So my dear, I hope I have been able to shed some light on the issue because its not always easy or clear at first but God always gives understanding as He is not an author of confusion. What we don’t need, why do we need to know it, you get? We have all we need to serve God faithfully. I look forward to your comments and contributions in the near future.


  2. This is well structured, interesting and inspirational. I always feel like I need to improve my relationship with God and The Bible. Can’t wait for more posts. This blog would be very helpful. Thanks


  3. Kemzz, you did a good job on this post. I hope you inspire lotta people and I hope I learn a lot from you. I pray that God continues to bless the works of your hands and you shallaccomplish everything you set out to do.


  4. I love the idea behind this blog. A platform to discuss all that we learn from The Bible. We can all read and interpret differently, so it’s good to hear others view. I am excited to read more and learn the Truth. 😊😊


  5. Yooo! So I had been trying to open the link since you sent it, it didn’t until now and I’m glad I didn’t give up! I’m glad you are where you are at most importantly with God (the completeness and satisfaction the experience ibrings) and almost just as important, allowing yourself be rid of the shadows cast by fear! It is amazing and refreshing to see young, beautiful and fun people being unashamed to seek and find themselves in Christ! I’m super proud of you and pray that your love , hunger and thirst for a personal experience of God continues to grow! ❤️


    1. Amen Amen! Thanks for the prayer and the kind words! It is indeed always wonderful to see young souls passionately seeking God and find Him! By Gods grace this blog will inspire people to do more and be more in Christ.


  6. i know for sure that you may not recognize me if we meet now. if i may guess right, it should be about 15 years ago that i set my eyes on you. you were younger than 10 at the time.your parents were living in zone 6 then. glory to God! .reading through your writings, your writing tempted me to re assess myself or may i say, appraise myself .all that i can say is that God has called you into a writing ministry, not many are gifted this way. i could feel your passion,sincerity and vision.am really really proud of you. you possess my kind of skill, i admire your skill even more. you are encouraged to dig deeper into studying the scriptures, you have started a journey that will turn you into a super star in the things of God. you have started a journey that will earn you life eternal and even a place of influence and affluence on planet earth. you have started a journey that will inspire many more to follow you. you have started a journey that secures a better and greater future. am also happy that your husband- to- be shares in your vision.what a divine incursion into your drives. what a great union lies ahead of you. i will always contribute my thoughts in this platform and encourage others to do same. God bless you, pray more, fast more, study the Word more, share the gospel with friends and strangers.love people more, care for the needy, sacrifice as much as you can for the happiness of others. pray more for your parents for long life and more prosperity, and lastly remember me always in your prayers. i set my eyes for the top and i need more prayers to get there. we shall all get there in Jesus name amen – Evangelist Femi Obadun, Awakeninglight ministry, Abuja.


    1. Wow! Isn’t that amazing? I can barely remember but I know that you do know me for sure at-least with the details given lol. Thanks for the kind words, advice and prayers. May God continue to give you the strength to make his word known to the nations and may you be a light to your world. God Bless you!


  7. I admire this especially coming from you….its really good to know how each one of us has metamorphosed over time, taking on responsibilities really big and finding our purpose…i pray the Holy Spirit inspires you more to inspire others…congrats dear


  8. Interesting and refreshing read. Especially liked the part about the origin of the word ‘truth’. Surprised I’m only just knowing about it. Ignite’s a deeper appreciation for the bible knowing that “…his word would not return to him void but accomplish all it was sent out to do…”
    Kudos…I look forward to more pleasant pieces.


  9. This is awesome. I am proud of you dear and I pray our heavenly father will strengthen you and give you more grace to do His will. Keep up the good work and keep inspiring this generation and generations to come. You are going places and the hand of God is evident in your life. The enemy will not stop you in Jesus name. I’m looking forward to reading more inspiring messages and thoughts from you.



  10. This is lovely. I’m really proud of you, Kemi. Well done. This is awesome! My prayer is that you continue to be a positive inspiration to generations. Cheers and God bless you.


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